Sunday, 15 June 2008

Why do we pride ourselves on Democracy ?

Some of us struggle to hang on to our democracy

while others

. . . try to export it (to Afghanistan) ?

The way Gordon Brown won his 42 day vote is despicable. Accusations of wholesale bribery are rife.

How can we be proud of our political system ?

Thankfully some, like Diane Abbott (personal web site)are still principled and speaking out.

Why don't people realise that the more draconian our law enforcement the greater the anger of our minorities?

When is the plight of the Palestinians going to be redressed ?

(Where can I find the videos being filmed of Israelis beating up the Arabs on their border ?)

Here in Ulverston the politicians running the Neighbourhood Forum are equally despicable by refusing to put Affordable Housing on the agenda.

We'll be saying "Aha" to that very shortly as Affordable Housing Action springs into existence in the town.

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Gladys Hobson said...

I worry about affordable housing. Hopefully, the council will do something about it.
As to the old worn slabbing (and the small stones) in town; quaint they may be but they are a hazard to the elderly. I have tripped over them, so has my husband who, unlike me, has very good sight.