Thursday, 13 March 2008

Is this what teaching is all about?

Teacher and student communicating as equals.

Watch this!

Who knows what talent we have in front of us when we teach.

Is it not possible that we can bring out our students inner capabilities?

Do we really 'listen' to the abilities that kids demonstrate?

Can we not encourage them to be experts in a small area and so that some start to blossom?

Can we listen to what they have to say and try to understand when they often don't have the skills to express what is in their heads.

It's like communicating with a child before they learn to speak. What are they trying to say?

Will we ever find out.

Can a good Flash project be so multifaceted that a whole range of talents can shine.

See my Flash Blog !


Les Galloway said...

This is what Education is all about, unfortunately we have a Government which thinks only in terms of Training (and measurable targets, whether relevant or not)

Anonymous said...

Real education has little to do with testing and more to do with helping students apply what they have learned in expressive ideas-That is what your flash projects allow student to do:)