Friday, 11 April 2008

A very welcome ruling from the High Court

Sanity in my opinion has returned in the form the views being expressed by Lord Justice Moses and Lord Justice Sullivan.

They have ruled that the action of the Blair Government was contemptible regarding the BAE payments to the Saudis. They were giving in to blackmail.

Too often now the Government acts in a way that I find repulsive.

It is more important to me to be able to hold my head up high than live.

If I am killed by terrorists,

If I have to live in a hovel,

So be it.

There are many actions taken that I want something done about.

This is one.

Another is our support and involvement with Guantanamo Bay.

Prison without trial, is another, 24 hours should be the maximum.

If politicians want my support - they must take a stand on these issues.

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